Kathreinerle the Photissière

Hi, I am Kathreinerle and I like the sweet side of life.

PHOTISSERIE is the combination of my two professions, Photography and Pâtisserie and this block the place to share my culinary adventures and discoveries with you.

Here are some answers to your FAQs. If yours is not listed, feel free to ask it and I´ll be  happy to answer.

How did you become a photographer?

I studied Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg, Germany with a focus on Photography.
I believe that photography techniques can be learnt by anyone and are not the most important part of taking a beautiful and interesting picture. I think it is always the subject or idea that impresses the viewer and the photographers personal way of looking at it. I do like a picture telling a story taken with an iphone for sure better than a technically perfect, high definition, boring one.

Where did you become a pastry chef?

Before I studied photography and shortly after my graduation from school I started as a trainee in a 3 star restaurant to become a chef. It did not take me too long to throw in the towel and to realize that cutting potatoes into squares and producing food for people, that I do not even see when they eat, is not what I loved about cooking. (Being yelled at was sth I could easily pass on, too.)

While studying photography however I soon realized that I missed the kitchen and my chequered cooking trousers and decided to move to Paris shortly after my diploma. I heard about this program at Ferrandi and was very happy to be able to participate in the Anglo Patisserie Programm. Together with a group of people from all over the world (Japan, Puerto Rico, England, Taiwan, India, Usa…) I learnt everything about french Pâtisserie: Tartes, Pâte à choux, Ice Cream, Entremets, Chocolates, Cakes, Petits Fours, Puff Pastry,  Baguette .... If you want to take a closer look you should see my Konditorentagebuch.
It was a spectacular, formidable, never forgetable time in Paris and I still think about it all the time.

How do you combine your two professions?
When I made all those good looking (and even better tasting) treats at school, of course, I was itching to take pictures of them as well. Also, when you live in Paris, it seems that on every corner there is sth inspiring that needs to be captured and shown to other people. I realized that it was never the kitchen that I wanted, neither my photography, it would always be both.... This was the reason and time for me to start my blog Photisserie.

Still in France, I had some photography and styling requests, so when I came back to Germany, I decided to start working as a freelance photographer, one of the best decisions I have made so far.

Right now, almost all of my photography work is food related. I am very lucky that part of my job is to meet interesting and talented people, travel to beautiful places and of course, eat delicious food.

What camera and lenses do you use?

When I still lived in Paris I shot with a Nikon D200, all the pictures on the blog until the end of 2012 are taken with this camera.
I have a variety of lenses, but I almost always use a 50/1.4 mm and a 35/1.8mm lens. Those are my two favorites and I hardly switch to sth. else.
Now I have a D4s and a Nikon Df, which is smaller and easier to carry when I shoot f.e. in Cafés or abroad.
My Konditorentagebuch I shot with a Panasonic Lumix. It did a very well job (regarding all the chocolate, flour and sugar it had to handle with).

Do you teach photography, baking or styling classes?

No, not at the moment.

Can I advertise on your block?

No. This block is the place to share my adventures and culinary discoveries with you, nothing else. I do it in my free time (and yes, I do not earn a penny with it)..... sometimes you need to wait for a new entry but I promise I post only if I think it is special.

Do you sell your pastry anywhere?

No, not regularly. However, I am always open to special events like the Greenhouse Pop up Dinner that I joined and made a special dessert (a Rhubarb Religieuse) for some time ago. So contact me if you have anything beautiful in mind.

Why haven't you answered my e-mail or comment?

I try to answer all of them but please do not be angry if time is too short for me and I do not manage to answer you.

Who designed your block?

I did, with the help of Markus Schuster who did a great job in programming it.

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